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Black Lives Matter

If you’re looking to contribute to the cause, you might not realize that there are clothing brands out there that live and breathe Black Lives Matter. For them, it’s not just a political stance or popular ideology, it’s their life. For black-owned businesses like VipeCo, BLM has inspired their whole brand because it’s their life.

VipeCo isn’t just another one of those clothing brands that pretend to be something it isn’t. Vipe stands for “Value Individual People Equally”, and the founder is all about loving each other. He wants to spread influence across the world, and his clothing brand is just the first step.

When you support VipeCo, you’re supporting a black-owned and operated company that has been preaching Black Lives Matter since before the movement got media attention.

During these times, if you’re wondering how you can contribute to the BLM cause, you can start by supporting black-owned companies. Clothing brands may say that they’re advocates for Black Lives Matter, but if they’re just doing it for media attention then they’re not advocates, they just want money.

Companies like VipeCo are completely different. Not only are the views of the brand so unique, but the whole company is designed around loving and valuing each other. So if you’re looking for clothing brands for Black Lives Matter, look no further than VipeCo.

They feature a lot of different people representing the VipeCo brand at the bottom of their website. You can find inspiration in these people and learn what the brand means to them. Stop by their shop and take a look at their inventory and figure out what the brand means to you. VipeCo combines art and clothing and aims for everybody to have a unique experience with the brand.

Visit the VipeCo shop online today and pick up the newest t-shirt, hoodie, or crew neck today.

  Clothing Brands for Black Lives Matter

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